The Birdman of Lauderdale


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“A wise and witty ramble through the world of birding.”

Val Cunningham
Nature Writer and Birdwatcher

“Reading this book is like going birding with Christensen, then closing the afternoon with a cup of coffee or a glass of beer.”

Jim Williams
Birding Columnist and Blogger for the Minneapolis StarTribune

“. . . charming, informative, and well-written . . . especially valuable for people with bird feeders or folks just getting interested in birds.”

Bonnie Sample
Coordinator, Minnesota Breeding Bird Atlas

“The joy of birding is in evidence on each page, and the pages turn with the speed of a peregrine falcon.”

Al Batt
Columnist for Bird Watcher’s Digest and author of A Life Gone to the Birds

“In a perfect world, every community needs a “birdman” like Clay Christensen to serve as a source of inspiration and education about the birdlife in our local communities. Clay Christensen has done a wonderful job of capturing the spirit and joy of birdwatching in his book “The Birdman of Lauderdale.” This delightful book shares many of Clay’s stories relating to the emotions, revelations, highlights, and occasional embarrassments that are part of the daily life of an avid birdwatcher.” (Full Review)

Carrol Henderson
Director, MINNESOTA DNR, Non-game Wildlife Program

“Since I don’t know a grebe from a grackle, it was fun reading Christensen’s insights into the habits of birds on his life list. He got his nickname years ago from his wife, Jean, because they live in Lauderdale: “A seven by seven block suburb of St. Paul with 2,300 souls near the St. Paul campus of the University of Minnesota.”Christensen divides his informative text into sections, including backyard birds, woodland birds, bird feeding, where Minnesota birds spend winter, research and rescue, birds in flight and searching for golden eagles.The author, who writes a column for the Park Bugle newspaper, skillfully weaves his family’s activities into his birding. He writes with a warm tone that makes you want to meet him.”

Mary Ann Grossman
St. Paul Pioneer Press Books Editor

“In every case, Christensen tunes the narrative for every stripe of bird lover. Casual backyard birdwatchers will learn something new on every page and recommit to keeping their feeders full. Serious, committed birders will learn too, and they will recognize many of the same experiences, mistakes and revelations that fuel their own obsession.” (Full Review)

Steve Bachman

Read Clay’s blog at

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