Foreword By Bernie Sanders

Playing Bigger Than You Are: A Life in Organizing, By Stewart Acuff

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Playing Bigger Than You Are is not a discussion and analysis of the issues we face. Stewart did that in his last book, Getting America Back To Work. Nor is it a manual on how to organize, which I hear Stewart may have simmering on his mind’s back burner. No, it is more than either of these. It is the day-to-day story of a life in organizing, a life dedicated to justice for all Americans. Be it organizing citizens for stop signs at a busy intersection in Memphis, struggling to unionize the Atlanta Olympics, or guiding the nationwide organizing program of the AFL-CIO, we see in these pages a man with an uncanny mix of theory, compassion, and courage. We see a man trying to hide his disappointment when campaigns go badly and heaping credit on others when success comes calling. We see a man living what his country preacher father taught him, that we are all, every one of us, deserving of respect and dignity.

Playing Bigger Than You Are is above all a story of hope’s triumph against all odds. At this challenging time in our nation’s history it is a story we can learn much from.”

From the Foreword by
Senator Bernie Sanders
Burlington, Vermont

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