Getting America Back To Work

Getting America Back To Work a hard-hitting manual for everyday working people is available for purchase online from Itasca Books.

America works, but only for the Financial Elite. In Getting America Back to Work, America’s best known and foremost union organizer and an award-winning University economist show how to put money and power back into the hands of working families.

Dr. Richard Levins shows how ”money talks” — no, screams — in Washington and on Wall Street. Stewart J. Acuff shows how organized people can get America back to working for ordinary Americans.


“Getting America Back to Work is precisely the sort of book that activists need to get a hold of and distribute to the organizations in which they are involved. It is a conversation-starter, and one that I will certainly be using.”

Bill Fletcher, Jr.
Labor activist, author, and Director of Field Services and Education Department, American Federation of Government Employees.

“In the more than 30 years that Stewart Acuff and I have been co-workers and friends, he has consistently been one of the most creative and committed organizers in the labor movement and beyond. When Stewart was leader of the Atlanta Central Labor Council, The Nation rightly called it the country’s “most vibrant and militant CLC.” Now Stewart and Richard Levins have merged the wisdom of their two outstanding careers into one hard-hitting manual for everyday working people who are trying to take our country back from the Big Boys who have stolen it. Read it, stand up and fight back.”

Si Kahn
Executive Director Emeritus, Grassroots Leadership; Distinguished Senior Fellow, Demos

“What has happened to undermine the living standards, jobs, health care, rights and opportunities of American working people? Who is responsible? Stewart Acuff and Richard Levins analyze our plight and explain how a new movement can bring back the dream of a decent life based on hard work and fair play.”

Michael Honey
Fred and Dorothy Haley Professor of Humanities

University of Washington, Tacoma

“I’ve read your book twice already. It’s great. Every American should read this!”

Laura Askelin
President, SE MN Area Labor Council/AFL-CIO

“Your book is very relevant to what’s happening to us here in the Midwest. Whirlpool Corporation is currently shutting down one of its largest appliance making factories of refrigerators in Evansville, Indiana. Endorsements by those who have read it are spreading. One friend of mine, a Business Representative for Sheet Metal Workers LU 20, is buying the book for his staff and recommending it to many. The workers at Whirlpool that are losing their jobs are buying the book and appreciate what you are doing to explain what is happening. They are following your direction as to what to do by mobilizing to help others who are losing their jobs. Thank you and Dr. Levins for this great book.”

Stephen E. Bottoms
UMW & IUOE member

“Your book will be extremely helpful in the Jobs with Justice national training. I find it compelling theoretically and practically. The problem is too much money in too few hands. The answer is reconnecting with one another (rich and poor) to re-establish the “we” and to make government and our systems work for ALL of us.”

Martin Rafanan
Gateway Homeless Services, St. Louis Missouri

“You can’t say enough about Stewart Acuff! From explaining what’s gone wrong in America, to what we have to do to get power back in the hands of common working people, ‘Getting America Back to Work’ has something for everyone. Why should any of us be an armchair-politician, when we can get what we need to be an activist in less than 100 pages? ‘Getting America Back to Work’ is like a firm slap across the face that wakes us up to the reality that we have been fed a lie. Things really aren’t ‘just that way’ and we do not have to settle for our lot in life. From facts and philosophy, to analogies and cartoons, Stewart Acuff gives us what we need to understand how to leverage our power as individuals through collective action. It is in our history to uphold the great American Dream, and to fight for fairness in the workplace and for dignity in what we are paid. What are you waiting for? READ THIS BOOK and then get out and fight, fight, fight!”

Eric D. Russell
United Steelworkers, Political Department

Read more about Stewart Acuff.

For more information, please watch the following two videos.

You are welcome to read a chapter of Getting America Back To Work online at this site. Other uses of the text are prohibited by U. S. Copyright Law. It’s an Adobe Acrobat file (pdf) and here’s Adobe Reader, if you need it.

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