About Levins Publishing

Levins Publishing is an imprint of L&K Enterprises, LLC, of Minneapolis MN. L&K was founded in 2005 by Dr. Richard Levins, Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota, and businessman Dr. Arvid Knudtson. Both were dedicated to helping the middle class regain a strong position in the US economy.

L&K’s first book, Middle Class*Union Made, by Richard Levins, was published in 2006. A smaller paperback edition by the same name sold more than a hundred thousand copies to labor unions across the US. It is now out of print. They next brought out Getting America Back To Work, 2010, written by renowned labor organizer, Stewart Acuff, and Dr. Levins. Playing Bigger Than You Are: A Life in Organizing, also by Stewart Acuff, followed in 2011.

In September 2012 we published the final work of Paul Gruchow, Letters to a Young Madman: A Memoir, which was a Minnesota Book Award Finalist.

Most recently, we published The Birdman of Lauderdale, The Keeney Place: A Life in the Heartland, Bob Oldis: A Life in Baseball, The Orange Tree, ┬áMarketing Organic Grain: A Farmer’s Guide, and Irresponsible Pursuit of Paradise.

Richard A. Levins

Dr. Richard A. Levins is Professor Emeritus of Applied Economics at the University of Minnesota. He is an award-winning author of books about policy and market power issues affecting the food system and the general economy. His articles have appeared in major newspapers across the country, in leading industry publications, and in professional journals. His writing draws upon a 30-year academic career involving both advising on-going businesses and teaching economic principles at the college level. He now maintains an active practice in consulting, writing, and public speaking.



Jane Dickerson

Jane Dickerson began working with L&K in 2008. Prior to that she taught English in public schools and was a trade book buyer for a university bookstore. Her background includes a B.A. in English, an Associate Degree in Nursing, and an M.F.A. in Poetry from the University of Maryland where she studied with poets Stanley Plumly and Michael Collier.






Alexandra Erickson
Sales Manager


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