The Orange Tree The Keeney Place: A Life in the Heartland The Birdman of Lauderdale Letters to a Young Madman

The Orange Tree

In this early collection, Jane Dickerson weaves the natural world into a rich tapestry to explore her relationships with those whom she loves and has loved.

The Keeney Place: A Life in the Heartland

Through a nostalgic reflection of his Iowa farm upbringing, Professor Keeney takes the reader through his personal and professional journey of understanding the true meaning of agricultural change.

The Birdman of Lauderdale

“. . . charming, informative, and well-written . . . especially valuable for people with bird feeders or folks just getting interested in birds.”
—Bonnie Sample, Coordinator, Minnesota Breeding Bird Atlas

Letters to a Young Madman

In Letters to a Young Madman, a man of genius, of uncanny writing ability, and of profound empathy for the mentally ill, recounts his “spectacular plunge from competency into official madness.”